Interspec offers a wide variety of personalised services to achieve joinery perfection.


Personalised interior consultation to prepare for your new project.

With decades of design, manufacturing and installation experience coupled with the latest in technology and materials, means, if you can dream it we can fit it.


Know what your interior project will look like prior to the manufacturing process with our 3d design and virtual walkthrough packages.

Each project is meticulously calibrated using cutting edge technology for a guaranteed perfect fit every time.


Uniquely curated detailed proposals that cater towards your customised joinery scope.

From an initial consultation we will assess the space, go through your needs analysis, create a concept, and provide you with a detailed proposal outlining the specific scope of works and our inclusions and exclusions of your project.


From Proposal acceptance, a representative will visit the site to ensure your bespoke joinery requirements fit into the desired interior space.

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Planning is paramount to joinery perfection. Interspec provides professionally drafted CAD drawings on every proposal.

Our smart 3D design eliminates the guess work, your home or industry joinery is something you want to last and so you need the most durable, cost-effective and, most importantly, suitable materials for your customised designs.


State-of-the-art machinery and software for precise nesting and computer automated cutting and drilling. Professional factory assembly and rigorous checklists to ensure a smooth installation.

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Fully insured professional removalist service to ensure all your joinery cabinetry and appliances are safely delivered to your home.

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In-house professional installation of your bespoke joinery project. We believe that whoever assembles your project, should also install your project to ensure accountability and that all items are delivered in full and on time (DIFOT).

Fast, efficient installs with the highest attention to detail pieced together by a team of professional skilled craftsman and designers. Our friendly installation team will work carefully and respectfully in your home or industry setting.


Interspec will guarantee joinery materials will be free from defects and workmanship for a period of 10 years from the date of installation. All hardware is covered by respective manufacturers’ warranties.

We apologise in advance that an item may have altered or changed over time. Please contact us and a representative from Interspec will advise on the next steps and how we can rectify the issue.

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