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Meet the proud team behind Interspec

Chris Chmielowiec

Director - Sales/Design/Project Management

Duties Include:

Sales & Business Development – Designing and creating 3d Walkthroughs – Estimating and Proposal Creation – Joinery Project Management – Interim CEO & CFO – HR for admin and management roles – Interim Social Media & Web Development

"I have always been involved in the joinery business, whether I liked it or not."

Son to a cabinetmaker and interior designer (@heritagefinishes), Chris has been involved in the bespoke joinery business for a very long time. Since arriving to Sydney from Toronto Canada in 2014, Chris wanted to plant his niche joinery skills to the Australian market and now calls the Northern Beaches home.

Chris believes that joinery is an art – it has to be perfect, no excuses. There are a certain breed of people collaboratively that can make timeless beautiful interiors. Majority of the work Interspec completes is in another person’s home and we understand that quality and final execution of the interior project needs to be 100%. Thier home needs to be treated like our home, if not, better! The only way to achieve joinery perfection are the meticulous collaboration of passionate people, using state-of-the art machinery, software, and technology to the organisations benefit. Along with this, implementing lean manufacturing practices with proven systems and processes working harmoniously together are key indicators to Interspec’s success.

Ryan King

Director - Production/Technical

Duties Include:

Production Management – Technical CAD Drafting – Nesting & Machining – Ordering & Key Supplier Account Management – Director/Co-Owner – HR for trades and management roles – Interim Social Media

"My first and only job has been architectural joinery, perfection is my passion."

From being born on Sydney’s Northern Beaches to growing up on the other side of the pond, Ryan’s first and only job has been architectural joinery, and now boasting over 15+ years experience, perfection is his passion.

From humble beginnings as an apprentice learning the tricks of the trade at local joinery firm, to working with some of Sydney’s most prestigious architects and designers. Ryan understands the nuances of the trade that make each job unique and strives to ensure that customer satisfaction is always at the forefront of each and every job. It is this that drives his motivation and commitment to put in 110% on each and every job. Ryan leads by example, and his team of highly skilled and passionate tradesman are the ultimate exemplification of this.

Sevan Tcharlassian

Licensed Cabinetmaker

Duties Include:

Lead Cabinetmaker – Factory Assembly – Creating Architectural Components – Machining – Technical CAD Drafting – Floor & Site Management – Installation

“Making a 2D set of plans become a bespoke item of perfect joinery is a satisfying process that I’m proud to be a part of every week.”

From welding up, then tinkering with bicycle based creations, Sevan’s upbringing revolved around learning, practicing, and perfecting a vast skill set with a variety of different materials. Now a specialist in all sorts unique timber joinery projects, Sevan tried his hand at several different career paths in both the automotive field and in residential building trades. Custom joinery stood out immediately as a trade that would satisfy Sevan’s desire to work with other like minded colleagues and stakeholders to create awesome pieces of bespoke work that he and the team can all be proud of. 


After 5 years in the trade, custom joinery has become a passion for Sevan and he is excited to continue to build upon his skills and knowledge surrounding the trade and to create beautiful architectural joinery.

Jesse King

Licensed Cabinetmaker

Duties Include:

Licensed Cabinetmaker – Factory Assembly – Creating Architectural Components – Machining – Factory Upkeep – Installation

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Sam Ryan

Junior Project Manager & Drafter

Duties Include:

Drawing & Creating Joinery Concepts  – Workshop Drawings – Creating Custom Details – Client Liaison – Pricing/Estimating – Implementing Change & Driving Project Progression

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Jai Marshall

Apprentice Cabinetmaker

Duties Include:

Learning from the superior craftsman at Interspec Custom Joinery.

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